The Green&Family Room with a fresh image is aimed at travelers with families.
The Suite is meant as a small vacation home, with separate and livable spaces for everyone, with furnishings flexible to the needs of each family member. The objective is to create a place to improve family bonds and share experiences by making memories.
The Natural Theme that inspires this room is revealed elegantly in every detail, from animal-shaped wall sconces to wallpaper reminiscent of plants and the jungle, to the use of natural materials like wood, warm and welcoming lights, colors like green, white, brown and beige, and fabrics like jute and hemp. The Parents can discover a sophisticated and comfortable environment that is also able to stimulate the creativity of the kids.


The Smart Room responds perfectly to new styles of travel for the smart traveler and perfectly embodies the new needs of Bleasure clients (Business&Leisure). The adventurousness, the flexibility and the resourcefulness of the new digital nomads is reflected in a space with a contemporary and modern appearance with a traditional, but simple and smart layout. The luxurious design in squeezed into a compact space: the result is an elegant and comfortable environment, rich in functional details.
The Space is flexible and dynamic, and the colors are decisive. The materials are simple and easy to clean, like metals translated into lightweight structures with flexible elements to transform the space as needed. A characteristic element is the king sized (180 x 200) “smart bed”, whose headboard also acts as a writing desk well-lit by natural light and integrated suspended lighting, in order to have more space in front of the user and an airier workspace.


The Wellness Room is the design for the 360° wellness of the guests, making them feel like they are at home, but better. An environment that translates the concept of luxury not in a purely aesthetic expression, but also functional, providing details that leave an indelible impression.
The style of the Wellness Room is elegant, modern and refined. Upholstery, cushions and curtains create a cozy environment, together with enveloping design furnishings they make guests feel at home in comfort. The room is designed to touch the emotional sphere, identifying features that allow an environment to promote the mental and physical healing of the guest. Great attention was paid to the choice of colors, lights, distribution of the spaces and acoustic comfort.