About us

The project, created by a network of companies and professionals with consolidated experience in the hotel and design sectors, was born from the desire to create added value for the hotelier, streamlining and optimizing the production line, with the objective of eliminating any uncertainty – in terms of costs, timing and results – connected with renovation projects.

Through a structured process, refined through a trusted study that takes every variable into account, and after careful analysis of the true needs of each specific case, the ROOM project assists the hotelier – who often faces challenging and complex choices – through all the phases of renovation of the structure, supporting them before, during and after, guaranteeing the budget, timing, costs and results. But most of all, ROOM takes on the unforeseen and shares the risks, which usually fall completely on the shoulders of the hotelier and which act as a brake on interventions that are essential to the attractiveness, quality of supply and profitability of the hotel structure.

ROOM's formula
  • Guaranteed costs and budget compliance

  • Guaranteed and certified deadlines

  • Single contact person and maximum confidentiality

  • Transparency in purchasing

  • Long term structure development, management and maintenance plan

  • High-end design companies

  • Latest generation BIM Engineering

  • Designers and architects specialized in meeting the needs of hoteliers and guests

  • Professional training

  • International project communication

ROOM's formula
ROOM's formula for success is
(Pre-construction) + (Guaranteed Maximum Price) + (Open Book)
The formula develops in three main steps:
  • 1.
    Preliminary cost estimate
  • 2.
    Detailed pre-construction estimate and Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • 3.
    Open Book

The philosophy at the base of the project took its form and was refined over many years of experience servicing the most demanding clients of the hospitality sector, for whom costs and schedules are fundamental elements. The key to the success of this formula is the development of detailed engineering and BIM modeling, from which a model is produced and all of the production phases are simulated.

Transparency, accuracy, engineering strictness, clarity of communication: these are the values at the heart of ROOM.

  • 1. Preliminary cost estimate

    A preliminary, but highly reliable and realistic cost estimate will be drawn up on the basis of the historic archive of previously developed case studies and the project analysis.

  • 2. Detailed pre-construction estimate and Guaranteed Maximum Price

    The Pre-construction service is based on the development of detailed engineering and the production of a precise and detailed price quote (BoQ) derived from a sophisticated BIM model. This technologically advanced procedure, developed with some of the most demanding international clients, allows the definition of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

  • 3. Open Book

    With the Guaranteed Maximum Price and the charge on provisions defined in the contract, the ROOM method seeks to insert all of the costs incurred in the Open Book, making the client a participant to the choices made, working in a transparent, detailed and realistic way. The pricing process is clear and explicit. In cases where the final cost is lower than the Guaranteed Maximum Price, the savings is divided between the client and ROOM, sharing the advantages, but not the risks, which remain exclusively the responsibility of ROOM. This refined method the creation of a total unity of intent between the customer and all suppliers involved.